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Funding Ninja is a technical writing firm specializing in finding new and lucrative grant, contract, and investment opportunities for your organization. Our team focuses efforts on matching your organization to the best options available through numerous points of verification so that we can build a long-term growth strategy that truly works. Using our proprietary technology via an Intelligent-Sourcing system, we key in prime opportunities that are a perfect funding match for your organization and send them to you as we find them.

Our clients benefit from access to a highly specialized team of writers and business consultants with deep industry experience in healthcare, technology, energy, manufacturing, and much more.

​ Join forces with us and let the Ninja go to work for you!

Government Contract Services

Funding Ninja provides a full range of federal proposal management services designed to help our clients through the entire process and realize their goals for opportunity capture, business growth, and market share.

Nonprofit Services

Our nonprofit management consulting is designed to meet each organization’s unique needs, from formation to strategic planning our team will work with yours to execute a winning strategy.

SBIR/STTR Services

The Funding Ninja Team helps start-up Founders with their SBIR/STTR application by streamlining and breaking down the overwhelming process into step-by-step action items in a timely manner.

Startup Consulting

Our start-up consultants have worked with many start-up executives across many industries including: biomedical & healthcare, engineering (hardware & software), military, energy & environment, and much more.

End-to-end Solutions

Funding Ninja is designed to be a single resource for our clients to take full advantage of our extensive expertise in contract and grant writing.

Opportunity Sourcing

We find opportunities that closely match your business objectives and deliver them directly to your inbox.

Content Production

We drive all aspects of the writing process. Drafting, editing, proofing, and submission is included in every engagement.


Winning is just part of the equation. We can manage the award and keep you in compliance for the full period of performance.


Our team can prepare and submit all reports required to update and close out your award or contract.

Make Your Next Project Quick and Easy with the Funding Ninja Team

Our streamlined collaboration process quickly moves from locating grants and contracts to final submission in a matter of weeks.


Beginning with a solid understanding of the opportunities your organization has in the current market will drive overall success and helps to bring the future into focus.

Develop a Response Strategy

After our team has compiled the initial market research, we work with you to build a prioritiy listing that will guide our short and long term response strategy.

Data Download

Key to our process is collaboration. The Funding Ninja team will create a direct line of communication and data exchange to ensure there is an easy way to deliver and access content during the entire project. Think a repository of resources to be used and all newly created responses from our team along with templates.


All of our preparation has led us to putting "hands to keyboard." We quickly produce a working draft to begin the collaboration process and collection of valuable feedback from all stakeholders to further strengthen our response.

Edit, Proof, and Finalize

Continued edits and proofing are a necessary part of the writing process which we highly encourage in all projects. This is the time to put in additional clarifications and any final touches as we wrap up each response and prepare for submission.


At the end of every project, our team will advise on the best way to submit our proposal package. Generally, the Funding Ninja team will take care of it, but in some cases, it is more logical for our clients to send it directly. No matter the case, our team provides all required documents and instructions to ensure a smooth submission process.

By the Numbers

375 Projects

Our team continues to lead projects in both the public and private sectors on behalf of our clients.

200 Clients Served

Founded in 2019, the Funding Ninja Team has worked closely with clients across the US and Abroad to locate, respond to, and manage funding opportunities.

$500M Secured

Over our team's careers, we have closed over $500M in grants and contracts for our clients and still going strong.

Our Clients Love Us, and We Think You Will, Too

  • The Funding Ninja Team has helped my non-profit secure $85,000 in funding in just 2 months

  • The team wrote an amazing 107-page dissertation outlining my business which not only helped me secure investment, but it also helped me get a patent

  • As always, I appreciate you and all of your hard work and dedication. You are awesome!!

  • Funding Ninja was a huge help in structuring and focusing our ideas into something actionable for the NSF.

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The Funding Ninja Team would love to hear about your upcoming projects and goals for the future. Drop us a line to schedule a time to discuss.

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  • nick.e@funding-ninja.com

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